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Anna Penelope Price

Weaving Elegance into Spaces

Anna Penelope Price is a virtuoso of visual storytelling, with her canvas being the rich tapestry of interior spaces. She is known for blending classical aesthetics with modern design sensibilities, creating environments that speak volumes of her travels and deep-seated appreciation for architecture's narrative power.

Her journey in the realm of interior design spans over four decades, during which she has garnished recognition for transforming mundane spaces into luxurious sanctuaries. A globetrotter at heart, Anna's design philosophy has been heavily influenced by the eclectic beauty she's encountered on her travels from the intricate mosaics of Morocco to the minimalist elegance of Scandinavian homes.

Anna's accolades include the Prestigious Interior Innovator Award and several features in renowned design publications. She pioneered the "Living Mosaic" trend, which revolutionized wall treatments with interactive elements reflecting the inhabitants' lives and passions.

Her book, "Spaces with Soul: Design Alchemy," became a bestseller, resonating with professional designers and enthusiasts alike, cementing her status as an influential thought leader in interior design.

As a contributing author to SugarPlum, Anna brings a trove of wisdom, sharing not only design tips but also narratives that inspire readers to infuse their abodes with personal history and charm. Her articles serve as a masterclass, guiding our audience to curate spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply personal and evocative.

Carlos Reyes

Crafting Habitats with Heart

Carlos Reyes is a maestro of architectural articulation, renowned for his ability to create spaces that resonate with warmth and family values. With a masterful eye for design that harmonizes functionality and style, Carlos has earned his reputation as a sage of sustainable living spaces that cater to the dynamics of family growth and interaction.

An architect with over fifteen years of experience, Carlos has an impressive portfolio that includes award-winning residential projects noted for their innovative use of space and eco-friendly materials. His work emphasizes communal living areas that serve as the heart of the home, reflecting his deep understanding of family dynamics, likely inspired by his own role as a father of two and a little league coach.

Carlos's pioneering designs, such as the "Reyes Resilient Roof," which combines solar efficiency with storm resistance, have garnered him accolades such as the "Innovative Home Design Award." His monthly column, "Foundations & Families," merges his expertise in architecture with insightful anecdotes from his life, offering readers a blueprint to build not just houses, but homes.

Balancing professional rigor with personal passion, Carlos writes with an authenticity that inspires his readers to think beyond walls and towards the creation of nurturing environments, embodying his belief that the best structures are those built around love and laughter.

Cliff Auberge

Designing Peaks of Innovation

Cliff Auberge stands as a pillar in the architectural world, drawing inspiration from the world's summits to design buildings that reach new heights in innovation. His unique approach to architecture is shaped by his experiences scaling some of the most challenging peaks, including Kilimanjaro and Everest, allowing him to foster resilience and sustainability in his designs.

Based in the robust "Silicon Slopes" city of Draper, Utah, Cliff is a senior architect at the imaginative firm 'Skyline Synthesis', well-known for its sky-touching designs and eco-friendly initiatives. His expertise lies in creating structures that reflect the majesty of the mountains he has conquered, with an emphasis on strength, stability, and harmony with nature.

His most notable project, "The Summit Complex," mirrors the stratified layers of Earth's formidable mountains and has been acclaimed for its state-of-the-art vertical ecosystems, setting a precedent in green architecture. Cliff aims to have his writing and stories seamlessly interweave the thrill of mountaineering with the precision of architectural design, captivating readers with tales of perseverance both in the natural and built environment.

When he isn't drafting the next landmark or scaling steep terrains, Cliff dedicates his time to mentoring young architects and promoting outdoor activities within the community, advocating for a lifestyle that balances professional ambition with personal adventure.

Hester Portofino

Curating Contemporary Canvases for the Modern Millennial

Hester Portofino, a vanguard in the new wave of interior design, hails from a lineage of legendary designers whose influence spans generations. She crafts spaces that are not only places to live but narratives to be experienced, specializing in modern aesthetics that resonate with the millennial ethos.

With each project, Hester infuses a cosmopolitan flair she's gleaned from her extensive travels, from the sun-drenched hills of Santorini to the bustling streets of Tokyo. Her designs speak the language of chic sophistication blended with functional minimalism, which has become her signature style, captivating a generation that values both form and function.

Hester's pioneering project, "The Hive," a co-living space in Brooklyn, set a new standard for urban living and garnered the "Innovative Spaces Award." She also launched the "Portofino Principle" workshop series, empowering young designers to create with intention and purpose.

As an author for our magazine, Hester shares her wealth of knowledge and vibrant adventures in design, inspiring readers to transform their personal spaces into modern sanctuaries that reflect their journeys and aspirations. Through her writing, she extends her legacy, guiding her audience to cultivate beauty in the corners of their lives, one well-thought-out space at a time.

Cleetus Santoro

Navigating the Seas of Structure and Style

Captain Cleetus Santoro's life is as vast and deep as the oceans he traverses. A master mariner and architectural aficionado, he brings to our pages a treasure trove of global design wonders, as seen through the porthole of his storied maritime career.

With the wind in his sails and a keen eye for structure, Captain Santoro circumnavigates the globe, chronicling the most breathtaking architectural marvels. From the grandiose skyscrapers that pierce the clouds of Singapore to the sprawling, whitewashed villas of the Mediterranean, his tales of discovery are as captivating as the tides.

His series, "Architectural Anchors," where he compares the principles of sturdy shipbuilding to foundational architectural practices, has been a reader favorite, earning him the moniker of 'the seafaring scribe.' His accounts are not just stories, but lessons in design resilience, adaptability, and the beauty of functionality meeting form.

Captain Santoro's most distinguished accomplishment is the "Santoro Scale," a rating system evaluating the sustainability and aesthetic of waterfront structures, a tribute to his commitment to preserving the beauty of both land and sea.

In every article, Captain Santoro invites his readers aboard his latest voyage, encouraging them to hoist the sails of their imagination and embark on a journey where architecture and adventure are inextricably intertwined.